Kenneth Graham demanded cash from the terrified Middlesbrough assistant warning her: “I’ve got a gun and I’ll shoot you”

Kenneth Graham

A robber who held up a late night store telling the terrified, lone assistant “I’ve got a gun” was jailed for three years.

Kenneth Graham, 21, arrived at the Premier shop in Middlesbrough on his bike at 9.30pm as assistant Ann Wilson was outside taking a cigarette break.

As she went behind the counter to serve him he demanded she hand over the money saying: “I’ve got a gun and I’ll shoot you”.

He was standing in front of her with his right hand inside his jacket rummaging around for something.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters told Teesside Crown Court that Miss Wilson started to panic and she hit the wrong button on the till, but eventually she took out a handful of £5 and £10 notes.

Graham, who was wearing gloves, said ‘Don’t you dare touch your phone’ and he left returning immediately to repeat ‘Don’t use your phone.”

Miss Masters added: “She was crying uncontrollably thinking that he had a gun.

“She saw a man at the cash machine and he called the police. Graham was identified as a possible suspect and he was positively identified soon after.

“She said later that she recognised him as the robber of the store having known him in the area where she lived.

“The incident left her extremely upset and scared, worrying if the person knew her and came back.

“She said ‘I feel sick about the whole incident’. When she was going to be a witness she asked for special measures.

“She said ‘I’m suffering panic attacks. I have been receiving regular support from the Victim Support network. I am struggling to do my work but it’s something I have to do because I need the money to pay my bills.”

Graham had 16 convictions for 29 offences including drugs,assault theft and burglary.

Jim Withyman, defending, said that Graham came from a respectable family but he had been threatened over a drug debt after he turned to drugs while mourning the deaths of two close friends.

He said that Graham, whose parents were in court supporting him, wished to apologise through him to Miss Wilson for the terror and upset he caused to her.

Judge Michael Taylor told Grham: “She is finding it very difficult to come to terms with what happened.

“People like her perform a valuable serviced to the public, and the message has got to out that those who commit these sort of offences will always received substantial prison sentences.

“You said that you had a gun and she was not to know whether you had one.”

Graham, of Ottawa Road,Middlesbrough, was jailed for three years after he pleaded guilty to the November 3 robbery of the store on Longlands Road, Middlesbrough.

Gazette Live

He was jailed last year for his role in the EDL rioting at the Birmingham demo in 2013. More info here.


A NEWPORT man has been fined after posting racist comments on Facebook.

Jason Gwyer, aged 32, of Brown Close, was convicted of a racially aggravated public order offence after posting racists comments on Facebook in relation to the annual Ashura march which takes place in Newport.

The march organised by the Islamic Society for Wales was to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain who was killed in Karbala, Iraq, more than 1,300 years ago.

The details of the march were published in the Argus in November, 2014, and Gwyer posted a photo of the article along with racist comments on his Facebook page on November 12, 2014.

Gwyer posted: “Need this to go viral!!!! Muslims think they are going to have a nice little march thru my city on Sunday!!! think not!!! Need as much force as possable. We need to stand up and tell these vile pigs where to go!!! Who is with me??? Please share.”

He was found guilty at Newport Magistrates Court and fined £165. He also had to pay costs of £620.

He was also charged with producing class b drug cannabis and possession of a class b drug which was cannabis. He pleaded guilty to both offences.

He received a 12 month community order, a £100 fine and the drugs were ordered for destruction.

PC Ricky Thomas, investigating officer, after the hearing, said: “Gwent Police will not tolerate any type of hate crime in our communities. We will investigate it and put evidence before the courts for the offender to be dealt with.

“I hope this serves as a warning to people who think that by posting on social media sites that it is anonymous in some way – it isn’t and it’s still an offence. We would encourage anyone who has concerns about anything they see on social media to report it to us on 101.”

South Wales Argus

JG 1


A respected Gateshead football coach is today exposed as a pervert after reporting restrictions on his sordid secrets were lifted

Kane Hutchison leaves Gateshead Magistrates Court

Kane Hutchison leaves Gateshead Magistrates Court

Football coach Kane Hutchison can today be unmasked as a serial sex offender who targets young boys.

To the outside world, Hutchison was a respected young coach who played amateur football to a decent standard and enjoyed teaching youngsters.

But he harboured a dark secret – a sexual attraction to teenage boys – which can today be revealed for the first time after reporting restrictions were lifted.

Hutchison was jailed for three years last August for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy after offering to take him to watch a football match.

Now he has been found guilty of inciting two teenage boys to engage in sexual activity on the internet, abusing his position for his own gratification.

The court case last year heard the 25-year-old had been banned from coaching youngsters by the Football Association and had to curtail a training stint in the USA in 2011 after further allegations were made.

During that case, prosecutor Vince Ward said: “He has coached in the USA.

“There have been complaints made by other children which have not resulted in criminal proceedings or conviction, which have led to the FA banning him from coaching activities.

“That resulted in him having to curtail training in America.”

Mr Ward said Hutchison had played for a local amateur team and had coached youngsters there.

He said: “He played for a local team to a reasonable standard in local leagues and has coached children from that club as well.

“He has offered children private coaching sessions at his home address.”

The sexual assaults happened in April last year when he invited a youngster to attend an away match between Gateshead and Macclesfield.

Hutchison, who was banned from going to football matches after taking part in a pitch invasion in 2011, invited the boy to stay over at his home, saying they needed an early start.

He told the boy they would have to share a bed and soon announced it was bed time. Within minutes he began molesting the terrified youngster in the bed, the court heard.

The boy later reported to his mother what had happened and Hutchison was arrested within hours when police found him hiding in the loft.

Hutchison denied two counts of sexual assault but was found guilty after a trial. As well as the three years prison sentence he was told to sign the sex offender register indefinitely and was made subject to a ten-year sexual offences prevention order.

Nick Lane, defending, said: “The FA revoked his licence to coach children. He remains a coach but only in relation to adults

“He was involved at the time of his arrest in marketing and working for a football magazine.”

Mr Lane added: “He is a man who in the past has done considerable charity work and good work for the community.

“In 2013 he was part of a team raising money for Help for Heroes who over the course of 24 hours visited 20 Premier League grounds as a way of raising funds for that charity.

“He has used his football contacts in the past to organise a charity match for testicular cancer.

“He has also in the past used his sporting skills working with adults with learning difficulties to encourage them to participate in sport.”

Hutchison, formerly of Field House Road, Gateshead, has now also been found guilty of inciting two other boys on the internet when they were just 13 and 14.

The first victim knew Hutchison played for a football club in Gateshead and was looking into joining the same club.

Hutchison made contact with the boy on Facebook, where he was advertising for players, and they began to communicate.

Prosecutor Alec Burns said: “From the defendant’s point of view the communication became more and more sexual.

“He told him he could earn money making pornographic films, he said £350 an hour.

“He asked (the boy) to send pictures of himself.”

The boy told police Hutchison had communicated with him on ‘face tag’ and the pervert appeared on his computer screen via a webcam committing a sex act on himself.

He encouraged the victim to do the same and made him swap intimate pictures.

Hutchison also tried to meet the youngster in a car park, the court heard.

The offences started in the summer of 2013 and lasted until March last year.

It came to light last August when the boy’s family checked his Facebook account and saw the messages from Hutchison.

He had targeted another boy, aged 14, in a similar way between April and August last year.

Hutchison lied about his age and started asking the youngster to meet him, offering him £20 to do so.

He also sent him intimate pictures of himself on Facebook and Snapchat and encouraged him to do the same.

It came to light when the boy’s mother read about a previous court appearance by Hutchison and recognised him as one of her son’s Facebook friends.

Sentence was adjourned on the latest convictions until next month.

Judge John Evans told him: “Having been convicted of these offences I’m going to adjourn sentence now for a pre-sentence report to address the issue of dangerousness.

“You know only a custodial sentence can follow in relation to these matters.”

The trial heard Hutchison had been “struggling with his sexuality” at the time and has been on a sex offender programme in prison.

Newcastle Chronicle

kane 1

Kane 2

Thanks to EDL News for this picture of Kane on an EDL Demo

Thanks to EDL News for this picture of Kane on an EDL Demo

EDL News

DRUGS CHARGES ... clockwise, from top left, Thomas Allen, Deborah Ritchie, Daniel Sayers and Adam Sayers.

DRUGS CHARGES … clockwise, from top left, Thomas Allen, Deborah Ritchie, Daniel Sayers and Adam Sayers.

FOUR drug dealers were arrested when police launched an undercover operation to tackle city centre crime.

Officers who posed as users ‘Gary and Emma’ were easily able to buy drugs from strangers they met while hanging around the busy streets of Sunderland.

Over a period of weeks the covert cops were regularly offered and sold cannabis.

On one occasion they were able to buy diamorphine during a deal that took place near Hudson Street Primary School.

As a result of the operation, Adam Sayers, 27 and Deborah Ritchie, 28, both of Somerset Street, Daniel Sayers, 31, of Hill View Square and Thomas Allen, 29, of Guildford Street, all in Sunderland, all admitted drugs charges.

All four have dozens of previous convictions for a variety of offences.

Prosecutor Micahael Hodson told Newcastle Crown Court; “This was an investigation into crime generally, in the centre of Sunderland.

“The prosecution say Adams Sayers is the busiest of all and he involved his girlfriend Miss Ritchie.

“Daniel Sayers made the first approach to the two officers, who were sitting on a wall in Sunderland town centre.

“The crown submit they are street dealers.”

The court heard the first meeting with the undercover officers was in early April last year.

The operation came to an end in August when the home of Sayers and Ritchie was raided and 14 wraps of cannabis were found.

Between those dates the officers had been able to purchase small amount of drugs, in exchange for cash, cigarettes and even razors.

The deals were often arranged via mobile phone after the initial street meeting in April.

Adam Sayers, who admitted supplying and offering to supply cannabis, was jailed for nine months.

Ritchie, who admitted supplying and offering to supply cannabis, was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with a two month curfew.

Allen, who admitted supplying cannabis, was sentenced to four month imprisonment, suspended for 18 months with supervision and a two month curfew.

Daniel Sayers, who admitted one charge of supplying diamorphine, was jailed for nine months , consecutive to a sentence he is serving for unrelated offences.

Judge Paul Sloan QC told them: “Your offending was detected as a result of a police operation where two undercover officers were deployed to operate covertly in Sunderland.”

The judge said he accepted Ritchie, who has turned her back on trouble and is co-operating fully with officials who are trying to help her, and Allen, who has no previous convictions for drugs offences and has settled down with a family, were lesser involved.

The court heard the diamophine handed over by Daniel Sayers during his brief involvement was worth less than £10 and he exchanged it for 100 cigarettes.

Alec Burns, defending, said the class A drug was in prescription tablet form, which got ground down during the exchange near the school.

Mr Burns said; “It was not someone who had heroin ready to supply, it was someone who improvised at the time.”

The court heard Adam Sayers has been diagnosed with health problems and has vowed to turn his back on trouble.

Sunderland Echo

The EDL supporter in this article is Tommy Allan

TA 1


An English Defence League supporter from Rugeley has been banned from all licensed premises after a judge saw a recording of violence after the group he was in was turned away from a pub.

Ross Gilbert was the seventh man to be dealt with at Warwick Crown Court following a clash between EDL supporters and customers at the George Eliot pub in Bridge Street, Nuneaton.

He and the other six had all pleaded guilty to a charge of violent disorder following the incident which took place almost four years ago in February 2011.

Gilbert, aged 28, of William Morris Court, Rugeley, was sentenced to eight months in prison suspended for 12 months and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC also imposed an exclusion order banning him from all public houses and restaurants where alcohol is served for three months.

He told Gilbert, who was given a football banning order last month because of drunken behaviour at the Hawthorns in December, he had escaped custody ‘by a hair’s breadth.’

Prosecutor Lisa Hancox said a group of EDL supporters, including Gilbert, had been to Luton for a demonstration and had to change trains in Nuneaton on their way back to Staffordshire. Several of them took the opportunity to head into the town centre for a drink, and after going to a kebab shop they headed to the George Eliot.

On the way one of the group was captured by a CCTV camera stopping to put on a cross of St George face mask before they congregated outside the pub where they were refused entry. There was a stand-off during which a drinker came out of the pub and confronted the masked EDL supporter, at which point Gilbert threw a punch at him.

And Judge Lockhart, watching a CCTV recording observed: “He was the first to use physical violence.”

Gilbert, representing himself, said: “I feel ashamed. It was four years ago. I was younger, stupid. I’ve moved on in my life.”

Express & Star

Two final men have been jailed for violent disorder after they took part in an English Defence League protest in Birmingham.

Michael Wilson, aged 20, was sentenced to a 12 month jail term, while 42-year-old Dean Kenny, was sentenced to 18 months in his absence after failing to attend court. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The two sentences bring the total jail term imposed for those who took part in the disorder in 2013 to more than 78 years for the violent disorder, after 50 other men appeared before Birmingham Crown Court in December and earlier this month.

Around 2,000 protesters gathered in Birmingham city centre on July 20, 2013, where ugly scenes were witnessed by police and visitors to the city.

Operations were conducted across the Midlands and further afield to arrest those believed to be involved, with appeals to trace suspects on social media and BBC’s Crimewatch early last year.

The sentencing began on December, 11, 2014 with January 30 seeing the final two sentences being passed bringing the total of defendants to 52.

Superintendent Richard Baker, from Birmingham police, said: “Violence has no place on the streets of Birmingham, regardless of motivation or whatever cause people are supporting.

Express & Star

  • Michael McQueenie, 28, raped the vulnerable girl near local primary school
    He had been drinking for three hours and messaging women online for sex
    He lured girl, 14, who has learning difficulties, into bushes but was spotted
    Just 15 minutes after the rape he continued to message women online
    He initially denied raping the girl but was caught out in an identity parade
    A court heard that McQueenie has a ‘poor attitude towards women’
    He has 37 prior offences on his record including assaulting his partner
    McQueenie has now been jailed for 11 years and seven months for the rape
  • Michael McQueenie (pictured) has been jailed for more than 11 years for raping the 14-year-old girl, who has learning difficulties and is partially blind

    Michael McQueenie (pictured) has been jailed for more than 11 years for raping the 14-year-old girl, who has learning difficulties and is partially blind

    A rapist wearing a hi-vis jacket who attacked a 14-year old partially blind girl after he failed to find sex on Skype and WhatsApp has been jailed for more than 11 years.

    Michael McQueenie, 28, from Blackburn, Lancashire, had been drinking for three hours after leaving work at a waste recycling plant and was ‘sexually frustrated’ after repeatedly trying and failing to arrange to have sex with women over the internet.

    Eventually McQueenie, who was still dressed in his work high visibility jacket, targeted the teenager after he spotted her sitting on a wall near a primary school.

    He lured her into bushes before ordering her to strip and raping her.

    The victim was found when her father, who had gone out looking for her, spotted her and McQueenie emerging from the bushes.

    McQueenie fled but was later arrested as the immediate run-up to the attack had been caught on CCTV.

    A court heard he resumed his online trawl for sex just 15 minutes after the rape.

    The court heard the girl has a ‘multitude of learning difficulties,’ and had no concept of stranger danger and had been ‘inherently trusting of people.’

    Her teacher said: ‘Anybody could ask her to do anything and she would do it.’

    The court heard McQueenie’s actions ‘destroyed’ the girl’s loving, devoted and protective family and had left a ‘permanent and deep scar in their lives’.

    In a statement read out in court, her father said: ‘The attack has altered our lives forever and we are completely and utterly devastated.

    ‘I feel this has destroyed me and my family.’

    McQueenie admitted rape and sexual assault at Burnley Crown Court and was locked up for 11 years and seven months.

    He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely and was issued with a Sexual Offences Prevention order, banning him from having unsupervised contact with any female under the age of 16 and from living in the same household as any female under 16.

    Joseph Allman, prosecuting, told the court the incident occurred on June 5 last year, after the girl had a chance encounter with McQueenie.

    An eyewitness had been looking out onto the park when he saw the teenager being lured into some bushes by a stranger and went out to intervene.

    The man came across the girl’s father, who was already looking for her.

    They both went into the nearby park and saw the teenager and McQueenie, but he fled when the girl’s father chased after him.

    Initially the girl said the stranger had just touched her.

    She later told police she had met a ‘naughty man’ who told her to kiss him and take her clothes off before she was made to perform a sex act on him.

    Police later established several people had seen the victim sitting on a low wall with a stranger at 8.24pm, shortly before she was seen on the playing field.

    The stranger on the wall was described as similar to the man the girl’s father had chased and eyewitnesses said he had been wearing a hi vis jacket and had been drinking beer.

    CCTV captured McQueenie going in to a local shop to buy beer in his hi viz jacket.

    McQueenie was arrested on June 11 but claimed that after leaving work he had gone home, had a lot to drink and had not gone out again.

    Mr Allman said: ‘Significantly, he adamantly denied he was wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket that day and maintained he had never been issued with that kind of jacket.’

    He was re-interviewed when officers received statements from several people who had seen McQueenie sat on the wall.

    He maintained he wasn’t the attacker but was later picked out by a witness during an identification parade.

    He maintained he wasn’t the attacker but was later picked out by a witness during an identification parade.

    Police then spoke to his workmates, supervisor and project co-ordinator.

    Mr Allman told the court: ‘They readily established he did have a yellow hi vis jacket and in fact was issued with it that day.

    ‘They also established his jacket had disappeared by the following morning by the time he arrived at work. It has never been found.’

    ‘The defendant insisted it wasn’t him and ultimately tried to point the finger in the direction of what he described as “Asian gangs” hanging around in the area.’

    McQueenie’s mobile phone and the laptop he shared with his mother were seized.

    When officers analysed the phone and computer, they found he had made extensive use of two messaging functions, Skype and WhatsApp.

    Mr Allman said: ‘In the early hours of the morning of the day the victim was raped, he sent really vast amounts of sexually themed messages to a wide range of women who were apparently strangers, or at most online acquaintances.

    ‘He had at least 10 specific sexual conversations, trying to meet for sex or have a webcam session and all of these exchanges ended in frustration.

    ‘About 15 minutes after the girl was raped, he resumed contact and carried on contacting numerous women to make small talk, but also to talk about sex.’

    McQueenie has 37 previous offences on his record dating back to 2004.

    At the time of the rape he was subject to a domestic violence suspended prison sentence for assaulting his partner as she held a baby.

    The court heard the probation service found him to have a ‘poor attitude towards women.’

    In mitigation defence counsel Kenneth Hind said : ‘The only major mitigation is that he has pleaded guilty.

    ‘He is facing up to the reality of the offences themselves.

    ‘This was an opportunist offence. It was committed within, what must be fair to say, a small window of opportunity.

    ‘It’s a terrible offence in itself, but it’s a one-off situation.

    ‘There’s no history or anything that would indicate that it’s likely to occur again, significantly.

    ‘There’s certainly a lack of maturity on his part, certainly in dealing with women.

    ‘There’s no doubt that there will follow a very substantial prison sentence and of course he knows that that will be the outcome.’

    Passing sentence Judge Jacqueline Beech told McQueenie: ‘You lack remorse and any insight into the consequences of your offending on others.

    ‘It would have been immediately obvious to you that she was very vulnerable and that’s no doubt why you led her into the park and did what you did to her.

    ‘It’s clear at the time you were sexually frustrated as you had been seeking instant gratification over social media. ‘

    ‘Your offending has destroyed everything the victim’s family had been working for.

    ‘You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. This is a long sentence and rightly so.’

    Daily Mail


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