Joseph Shaw - problem with binge-drinking

Joseph Shaw – problem with binge-drinking

A drunken thug has been locked up for three years for scarring a man for life after he hit him in the face with a glass bottle following a booze binge.

Joseph Shaw, 19, had consumed ten pints of lager, ten alcopops and chased each one down with a shot of Aftershock before lashing out at his victim, Bradford Crown Court was told yesterday.

Simon Howarth, who had been at the Music at Myrtle festival in Bingley, was standing in the doorway of Abs Fast Food takeaway in the town centre, drinking from a glass beer bottle, late at night, on September 4 last year.

He saw Shaw, who was wearing a monitoring tag on his ankle as part of a sentence imposed for an affray, also committed while he was under the influence of alcohol, and made a joke at his expense.

Prosecutor Duncan Ritchie said Shaw, of Florence Avenue, Wilsden, threatened to punch Mr Howarth and then asked for a drink of his beer.

Mr Howarth handed the bottle over and as he reached to take it back Shaw swung it at the left hand side of his face, causing it to smash.

Mr Ritchie said: “He (Mr Howarth) soon became aware of a lot of blood coming down his face. Witnesses described skin and flesh falling away from his face and how it had to be held in place.” The wound ran from his lip to his cheekbone and extended to some of the cheek muscles.

In a statement read to the court by Mr Ritchie, Mr Howarth said: “It was so sudden and unprovoked. I am undergoing counselling at the moment. The left side of my face is tight when I smile and talk, I feel embarrassed and nervous when I go out. It’s not nice feeling like a freak show and like everyone’s looking at you.”

Bronia Hartley, for Shaw, said he knew he had a problem with binge drinking and it had not been a premeditated attack.

She said his remorse was shown by the fact he had written a letter to apologise to Mr Howarth.

Sentencing him to three years imprisonment in a young offender institution, Judge Jonathan Rose said: “Alcohol is the fuel that drives you and brings out in you a violent young man.”

He added: “Not withstanding that community order and the tag around your ankle, you drank and behaved with a boorish, bullying aggressiveness and the drunken young man lashed out with this bottle.”

After Shaw was locked up, PC Priscilla Haigh, of Airedale and North Bradford CID, said: “This was a particularly brutal attack which left the victim with serious and permanent injuries and we welcome the fact this has been recognised in court.”

Telegraph & Argus

Story published in Jan 2010.

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A family were subjected to a terrifying racist attack by a gang of yobs in the west end of Newcastle as they tried to move in their furniture

Daniel McStay, jailed for racist attacks in Elswick

Daniel McStay, jailed for racist attacks in Elswick

Vile racist thugs drove an Asian family out of their new home as they tried to move in.

The Ali family pulled up outside their new house in Elswick, Newcastle, only to be greeted by a seething gang of young yobs.

Boxer Daniel McStay and five or six youths started punching and kicking their car, telling them to get off “their estate” and threatening to kill them.

Terrified Mr Ali, who had his wife and three daughters in the car, frantically began reversing to try to get away as the gang kicked his car.

One of them threw a pint glass of beer at the back of his car, which smashed showering the car with alcohol and glass.

Fifteen minutes later McStay and two youths subjected another man to a racist attack as he waited in his car for his friend outside Elswick mosque.

As McStay, 22, was jailed for eight months, Mr Ali told how the incident had left him and his family scared to move in.

He said: “We had been looking forward to moving in to the new house but now we do not wish to do so.

“My daughters and wife are extremely upset, we have not been involved in an incident like this before.

“My family have been racially targeted for no reason. The damage to my car can be repaired, however mentally we have all suffered.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard the family were taking furniture to the house on Brittania Place, Elswick, around 3pm on March 23, ahead of moving in.

Just after Mr Ali, his wife and daughters, aged, 10, 18 and 19, pulled up, McStay and the others approached from behind, swigging alcohol.

Neil Pallister, prosecuting, said one of them shouted: “You better not be moving here or we will kill you, this is our estate.”

There followed a tirade of vile racist abuse and a 17-year-old started punching the driver’s side window shouting “Get out of here or I will kill you.”

Mr Pallister said: “All of the males were involved in the racial abuse and McStay joined in.

“Clearly Mr Ali and his family were in great fear and he began reversing his car down the street and turned round to drive away.

“As he reversed his car the group began kicking his car and ran after him and his family.

“One of them threw a pint glass which hit the rear window of the car, smashing glass and showering the car with alcohol as they drove away.”

After getting clear of the attack and reporting it to police, the family saw their car had been dented, causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Mr Pallister said: “They were too scared and frightened to move into the address.”

Just fifteen minutes later McStay and two youths targeted an 18-year-old as he waited in his car outside Elswick mosque.

He was racially abused and told to leave the area and also had his car kicked.

Mr Pallister said: “The victim was very fearful for his safety and he locked his car door but the males continued to shout racial abuse at him.

“Fearing for his safety he felt obliged to reverse away out of the location. As he slowly drove away the gang followed him, waving their hands to shoo him away and one of them kicked his vehicle.”

Police caught up with them nearby and eventually Mcstay was also charged over the earlier attack after his trainer print was found on Mr Ali’s car.

McStay, of Kenilworth Road, Elswick, pleaded guilty to two charges of racially aggravated harassment, racially aggravated criminal damage and possessing cannabis.

He has previous convictions for offences including racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour, arson and affray.

Andrew Walker, defending, said: “These incidents were utterly reprehensible, deeply unpleasant and grossly offensive to those to whom it was aimed.

“It was pathetic in terms of the ignorance of those involved, who should all be utterly ashamed of themselves.”

Mr Walker added that McStay, who he said was not the prime mover, takes part in unlicenced boxing bouts.

Two 17-year-olds involved in the incidents were sent to the youth court to be dealt with.

Newcastle Chronicle


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A JEALOUS lover who stabbed a rival after arranging to meet him in Victoria Square has been jailed for three years and four months.

Martin Glendening, aged 41, of Charles Street, Farnworth, stabbed Jon Lambert in the chest and elbow because he believed his partner was in a relationship with them both, Bolton Crown Court heard yesterday.

Mr Lambert had an emergency operation to have his spleen removed after the stabbing and is now expected to have a lower immunity to infections because of his injury.

He had to stay in hospital for several days.

Guy Mathieson, prosecuting, told Bolton Crown Court yesterday that the attack happened in the Bolton town centre square on May 26 last year.

The court heard that Glendening had been on the phone to Mr Lambert, who is from Blackburn, trying to direct him to Halliwell.

As Mr Lambert passed the phone box he was calling from, Glendening leapt out and attacked him in Victoria Square.

Mr Lambert at first thought he was being punched, but then realised he was bleeding when he felt liquid pouring down his leg.

He was stabbed in the left side of his chest and suffered “superficial injuries” to his elbow.

The court heard the defendant claimed he brought a knife with him after Mr Lambert threatened to use a machete in text messages.

Glendening, who has 45 convictions for 85 offences, admitted unlawful wounding on the day of his trial.

Eric Lamb, defending, said the victim and the defendant were meeting to “clear the air”, but it resulted in disaster for all involved.

Glendening was said to bitterly regret the crime, which has caused the breakdown of his relationship with his girlfriend.

Sentencing him, Judge Timothy Clayson said: “The case is obviously very serious.

“The background consisted of a relationship with a woman and a degree of jealousness and possessiveness.

“The victim was seen as a threat to you.”

Bolton News

This story is from January 2013

This screengrab is from EDL News

This is from the Bolton EDl facebook page.
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Stefan Adamson, wearing a David Cameron mask, attending a previous court hearing

Stefan Adamson, wearing a David Cameron mask, attending a previous court hearing

A MAN has been found guilty of stealing a charm bracelet worth £1,500 in what a judge called a “mean offence”.

Stefan Adamson, aged 26, had denied the theft of the Pandora bracelet but was found guilty by a jury after a trial at Plymouth Crown Court.

He snatched the bracelet as he walked out of the woman’s home at the end of their relationship on December 17 last year.

Adamson, of Rougemont Gardens, Eggbuckland, admitted taking the piece of jewellery but denied dishonesty.

He claimed he was going to use the bracelet as a “bargaining toll” to force his ex-partner to return his property which he claimed was still in the house.

The bracelet, which was pawned by Adamson, has since been recovered.

Recorder Francis Abbott told him: “It is a pretty mean offence. You have done it out of spite.

“You just thought you would do this because of the break-up of your relationship.”

Adamson was handed a 12-month community order with a three-month curfew. He must remain at home every night between 9pm and 5am.

Adamson, who is working part-time as a gardener, must also pay £50 victim surcharge.

Ex-partner Jade Willis had told the court that Adamson had bought the bracelet for her during their “on and off” three-year relationship.

She added that charms bought by herself, Adamson, and others had since been added to the bracelet, which she thought was worth £1,500.

Miss Willis said she had left the bracelet in her jacket, which went missing after Adamson left the house.

The court heard she was contacted a month later by someone who had seen its photograph on a shop’s website.

Nick Lewin, for Adamson, said he had pawned rather than sold the bracelet so that it could be recovered.

Plymouth Herald


You can read about his other conviction here

Wayne Payne who fatally injured five-year-old in accident receives fresh three-year prison sentence for possessing cocaine with intent to supply


A killer driver who fatally injured a boy of five peddled drugs after being bailed over the tragedy.

Wayne Payne – already serving a five-year jail term for knocking down tragic Cameron Ward – received a fresh three-year prison sentence for possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

The 31-year-old sparked outrage when he callously told Cameron’s family: “S**t happens, life goes on” as he left Birmingham Crown Court after a previous hearing.

A judge who sentenced Payne for the drug offence condemned him as a common street dealer.

Recorder Kevin Hegarty told him: “Society takes a dim view of people dealing in class A drugs.”

Phillip Beardwell, prosecuting, told Birmingham Crown Court that police found almost five grammes of cocaine in a bag hidden inside a cooker at Payne’s home in Mount View, Sutton Coldfield, on October 4 last year.

Officers also recovered two bags of cutting agents from a kitchen worktop, along with a set of electronic scales and £380 stashed under a rug.

The judge said Payne, a self-employed car recovery driver with previous convictions for drugs offences, committed the offence after being bailed in connection with Cameron’s death.

Payne told the court he had used drugs for eight years and claimed he added a cutting agent to the cocaine to make it last longer.

Lewis Perry, defending, said there was no evidence of large-scale commercial dealing.

The three-year term will run consecutively to the five-year sentence imposed on Payne last month after he was found guilty of causing Cameron’s death by dangerous driving.

A jury took just 45 minutes to convict him of the motoring offence.

Jurors heard Payne was doing double the speed limit when his Vauxhall Vectra hit Cameron in Court Lane, Erdington, on April 1 last year.

The schoolboy’s dad John Ward was wheeling the Paget Primary pupil along on a pushbike ahead of mum Katie Lawrence and baby sister Ruby, who was just four-weeks-old at the time.

The trial heard Payne, who was also banned from driving for five years, was travelling at 61mph in a 30mph zone and he had not braked before the collision.

Birmingham Mail

These are screengrabs from Payne’s Facebook account.

WP 1

WP 2

The article about the speeding conviction can be found here.

A BRAVE bus passenger who challenged a woman’s drunken, racist rant was attacked and spat on, Newbury magistrates have been told.

Afterwards, fellow Thatcham travellers praised victim Christine Dare’s courageous stand. Miss Dare later told police: “I had to act. It was too much to ignore.”

In the dock on Thursday, July 10, was 35-year-old Tara Elaine King, of Fallows Road, Padworth.

Helen Waite, prosecuting, said Ms King was talking to the bus driver in Thatcham, loudly praising the English Defence League, making racist comments and swearing.
Several passengers were incensed, said Ms Waite, “but it was Ms Dare who had the gumption to do something about it”.

Having vainly asked Ms King to keep her opinions to herself and moderate her language because there was a young child nearby, Ms Dare approached the driver and asked him to act, magistrates were told.

But, said Ms Waite, the driver told her to sit down – and when she did, Ms King approached, leaned over and spat on her.

Ms Dare said later: “I was horrified by her actions. I pushed her away, but she was shouting and came at me again; there was a scuffle and I grabbed her hair.”
Ms Waite said: “Very unedifying CCTV footage shows them hanging on to each other’s heads. The defendant was on top of her in her seat. She grabbed Ms Dare’s face and scratched it.

“The bus pulled into a layby and a man came to Ms Dare’s assistance. Police were called and, as she was led away, she told Ms Dare: ‘Look at my face so I can remember you.’”

Passenger Jodie Conyard said she was offended by Ms King’s racist remarks about Muslims and another, John Young, said he was upset to hear a “drunken” Ms King make derogatory comments about black people.

Both praised Ms Dare and offered to give evidence on her behalf when Ms King initially denied assault by beating.

However she later changed her plea to guilty, while not accepting that she spat on Ms Dare.

Although Ms Waite said the Crown stood by its version of events, the court ruled there was no need for a Newton hearing – a mini trial to establish the facts – because the matter would not make a substantial difference to their sentence.
They therefore agreed to accept Ms King’s basis of plea.

She admitted causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress, both at Bath Road, Thatcham, on November 2 last year. Her previous convictions include a racially-aggravated offence, the court heard.

Ben Henriques, defending, said his client suffers post traumatic stress disorder since losing a child 11 years ago.

He added: “There was a two-way struggle. It’s clear from the CCTV. She realises alcohol is a problem and, because she is six months pregnant, has been making strenuous efforts to overcome it.”

He said his client felt she had been provoked, and asked for pre-sentence reports.
Presiding magistrate Sue Campbell said: “This was a very distressing, offensive and unpleasant incident which took place in public.

There are many aggravating features… all options remain open, including custody.”
Ms King was bailed until July 31 while reports are prepared.

Newbury Today

A MAN entered a shop and told its Muslim owner “I’m a racist and I kill Muslims,” on the first anniversary of the death of soldier Lee Rigby.

Daniel Lee Lewis, of Church Street, Wrexham, entered the shop on Chester Street in Flint after midnight on May 23.

He asked the owner where he was from and if he was a Muslim.

The owner replied he was Turkish but had an English passport and told Lewis he was Muslim.

Lewis told the owner: “It’s alright, I won’t cause any trouble. It’s my country, I will do what I want. I’m a racist and I kill Muslims.”

He spat on the shop floor and invited the owner outside for a fight. But the police had been called and he was arrested.

The 32-year-old told police: “It’s one year today to the death of Lee Rigby, there will be thousands of us in Manchester on Saturday,” before chanting EDL [English Defence League] at them.

Appearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court yesterday, Lewis pleaded guilty to using threatening or abusive words or behaviour with intent to cause racially aggravated fear of or provoke unlawful violence.

He also admitted failure to surrender to bail.

Sentencing, district judge Gwyn Jones said the fact Lewis was drunk did not condone using “offensive and appalling language”.

He said: “This was extremely upsetting behaviour. You gratuitously made offensive and racist comments to someone who was serving members of the public.

“It is clear you were very, very drunk but that does not justify using such offensive and appalling language. Taking that into account, it makes this a hate crime, serious enough for a community order and you will pay compensation for the pain you caused the victim.”

Lewis was given an 18 month community order, supervised by probation and the community mental health team.

He was ordered to undertake a 10 day ‘eradicating racism and promoting equality programme’, and pay £200 in compensation.

Victoria Lewis, defending, said Lewis had no recollection of the incident.

She added: “He isn’t a racist, does not hold these views and does not know where they came from. At the time he was influenced by alcohol and his mental health issues.

“His business went under last year and he suffered a nervous breakdown. It was a

one-off and he wants to get back on track.”

In addition he will also pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £60.”

Andrew Connah from the probation service said: “He accepts full responsibility but has no memory of the incident.

“He is ashamed, maintains he is not a racist and it upsets him to think he behaved like that.

“He had been drinking heavily, and accepts alcohol is an issue. He had suffered a nervous breakdown and has serious mental health issues. He was sectioned last year and has been signed off until 2016.”

North Wales News


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