Daniel Boylett threw a punch at Crystal Palace's eagle mascot

Daniel Boylett threw a punch at Crystal Palace’s eagle mascot

A Charlton Athletic fan has been jailed for throwing a punch at Crystal Palace FC’s eagle mascot during a football match.

Daniel Boylett, 36, was today locked up for a total of 21 months for violent disorder and the attack on bald eagle Kayla during an away game at Selhurst Park in September 2015.

He was also banned from going to any football matches for six years.

Boylett, from Eltham in south east London, launched his attack on the 25-year-old bird of prey during a third-round cup tie which had descended into violence.

The eagle handler was walking Kayla around the pitch on his forearm when Boylett swung the punch.

Last month a jury found Boylett guilty of violent disorder and attempted criminal damage for the attack on Kayla after a trial lasting two weeks.

On Friday at Croydon Crown Court he was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment for violent disorder and three months in prison for attempted damage on the eagle. Both sentences will run concurrently.

Boylett’s lawyer claimed he had acted in self-defence as he did not expect to see a bird flying towards him.

The eagle sanctuary in Dartford where Kayla lives today said they were pleased Boylett had been jailed and his sentence shows attacks on animals are being taken seriously.

Samantha Ames, one of the directors at Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation, told the Standard: “We are feeling very pleased that it’s been taken seriously and we are glad it sets a bit of a precedent to people.

“The way you treat animals is taken seriously.

“We were shocked and quite sad when it happened. It was quite a sad thing to hear about because she’s an innocent animal and she’s so beautiful and has such an amazing story.

“For someone to try and punch her we were shocked and sad.”

Ms Ames said Kayla was fine following the attack but since then the club and handlers have changed the way she interacts at the football ground.

“Now they don’t really take her close to the stands,” she said. “Which is unfortunate for the other people. ”

Prosecutor Daniel Higgins previously told the court: “As he [Chris Belsey, eagle handler] passed the stand he noticed three or four fans were shouting abuse and one of these three or four lent over the barrier and threw a punch directed at Kayla.

“Mr Belsey is unsure if the punch directed at the eagle had landed.”

Kayla joined Crystal Palace, whose nickname is the Eagles, as a mascot in 2010. Female bald eagles typically have a wingspan of around seven feet and live for an average of 20 to 30 years.
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‘It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists’

Tim Burton outside Southwark Crown Court before the start of his trial for racially aggravated harassment Rex

Tim Burton outside Southwark Crown Court before the start of his trial for racially aggravated harassment Rex

A right-wing radio host who trolled an anti-hate crime campaigner with “Islamophobic” tweets and emails has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Timothy Burton, 64, branded Islam a “backwards, misogynistic, seventh-century” ideology in a series of emails to Tell Mama founder Fiyaz Mughal OBE between 4 April and 26 April 2016.

Burton also sent Mr Mughal links to far-right blogs containing “vile slurs” against Muslims including a petition called “renounce, reform, or get the hell out of my country”.

The radio presenter for the anti-immigration group Liberty GB was convicted of one count of religiously aggravated harassment in March following a week-long trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Burton, who says he has resigned from the group following his conviction, had denied the charge and claimed he was exercising his right to free speech.

He said he insulted Mr Mughal after reading articles suggesting Tell Mama had exaggerated figures about anti-Muslim incidents.

Mr Mughal said in a statement: “The defendant’s actions have led to endless nights of anxiety and fear and a sense of being targeted to my core.”

Judge Alex Gordon said Burton had been on a campaign to tar all Muslims as violent extremists as he jailed him for 12 weeks at Inner London Crown Court on Friday.

He said: “The defendant was found guilty by jury following a trial in March of religiously aggravated harassment.

“He sent a series of grossly offensive emails to Tell Mama with the obvious intention that they would be, as they were, received by Mr Mughal.

“Not only were these emails offensive, they provided links to deeply offensive material involving a petition called ‘renounce, reform, of get the hell out of my country’.

“He also linked to articles with vile slurs to Mr Mughal.

“He was broadcasting the harassment to the world.”

The judge said the emails “continued after the defendant was asked to stop sending them, and after it was threatened that he would be reported to the police”.

He continued: “It was obvious that these emails were designed, carefully designed to harass Mr Mughal by causing him distress.

“Your extreme antipathy towards Muslims is what led you to harass Mr Mughal.

“You are seemingly incapable of distinguishing between Muslims and violent Islamists. Your offending behaviour was obviously motivated by a religious hostility and aggravated the harassment.

“You were at the time, [though you have] apparently now resigned, a member of a group Liberty GB which promotes antipathy based on religious adherence.

“It was pre-meditated, it was determined, it was deeply unpleasant, and it was part of a campaign by you and your associates to tar all Muslims as Islamists.”

Judge Gordon accepted that Burton had “expressed some limited remorse”.

Burton was previously cleared of racially aggravated harassment in 2014 after calling Mr Mughal a “mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiya artist” and a “Muslim scumbag” on Twitter.

He told him Liberty GB members “raised a glass in your honour, and toasted you with a bacon sandwich” in an email referencing the second anniversary of his acquittal on 26 April 2016.

Jurors were told the obscure theological term “taqqiya” provides persecuted Shia Muslims with an option to deny their faith “if their life is at stake”.

Mr Mughal said far-right extremists use the term to “blacken all Muslims”.

He told the trial: “Within far-right circles they say don’t trust Muslims because ‘taqqiya’ means they will lie – one to spread Islam, two to take over the state by insidious means, and three to promote Sharia.”

Judge Gordon jailed Burton for 12 weeks and imposed a restraining order barring him from contacting Fiyaz Mughal, Faith Matters, Tell Mama, or any employee of those groups.

He added: “A breach of that order is quite rightly taken by the courts as an extremely important matter and may well result in a custodial sentence.”

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Michael Green has been jailed for his part in the Dover protests in January 2016

Michael Green has been jailed for his part in the Dover protests in January 2016

A violent demonstrator who used a makeshift baton to fight people during last year’s Dover protests has been jailed.

Michael Green, 43, formerly of Corbett Street in Treorchy, South Wales, travelled to the town to take part in a pre-planned political demonstration on January 30 as hundreds of people representing the far-right and anti-fascist movement squared off.

Trouble broke out between the two sets of protestors with opposing views, which led to violent clashes and fighting in the streets.

Green was filmed throwing objects in Effingham Street and was also caught swinging an improvised wooden baton at people.

Kent Police detectives reviewed hundreds of hours of footage captured on the day and shared images of those involved with other forces across the UK.

The 43-year-old was identified and arrested at his home address in Wales on Friday, June 24, 2016.

Green later pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced to nine-and-a-half months in prison at Canterbury Crown Court last Wednesday (April 19).

Detective Inspector Bill Thornton of Kent Police said: “This is yet another positive result for the people of Dover who were shocked and appalled by the actions of people like Michael Green.

“He was a guest to the town but acted in such a manner that residents would probably prefer it if he did not come back. He demonstrated his inability to control his temper and must now serve several months behind bars as a result.”
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A National Front activist who took part in anti-immigration riots changed his views after he found out his ancestors were from India and Pakistan, a court heard.

Shaun Grimsley, 48, had taken cocaine when he was caught on CCTV throwing a St George’s flag during clashes with anti-racist protesters in Dover, Kent, last January.

Afterward he took a DNA test which revealed his ancestors came from India, Pakistan, Ireland, Scandinavia and Spain, Canterbury crown court heard yesterday.

His solicitor James Doyle said gas fitter Grimsley of Cannock, Staffordshire, had abandoned his far-right views and was repentant.

Judge Simon James said: ‘I hope that’s true because this is your one chance. For a large part of your adult life you have held abhorrent and racist views.’

Grimsley pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced to 18 months’ jail suspended for two years, plus 200 hours of unpaid work.

Shuan Grimsley (r) with Gary Crane in Dover. 31/1/16

Shuan Grimsley (r) with Gary Crane in Dover. 31/1/16

• Daniel Boylett attacked bird of prey during Palace’s win over Charlton in 2015
• Kayla has been Palace’s mascot since 2010 and ‘seemed unhurt’ by incident

Kayla was attacked by Charlton Athletic fan Daniel Boylett during their visit to Selhurt Park for a Capital One Cup tie in September 2015. Photograph: Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Kayla was attacked by Charlton Athletic fan Daniel Boylett during their visit to Selhurt Park for a Capital One Cup tie in September 2015. Photograph: Scott Heavey/Getty Images

A Charlton Athletic supporter has been found guilty of trying to punch Crystal Palace’s American bald eagle mascot at a cup tie marred by crowd trouble.

A jury at Croydon crown court found Daniel Boylett, 36, of Eltham, south east London, guilty of attempted damage in the attack on Kayla, a 25-year-old bird of prey who Palace adopted as their mascot in 2010.

The jury took four hours and 22 minutes to reach all its verdicts, which stem from the ugly scenes which marred the Capital One Cup third-round tie at Selhurst Park on 23 September 2015. Charlton lost the match 4-1.

Boylett was also found guilty of violent disorder. He has been in the dock during the two-week trial alongside Colin Kitto, 49, of Eltham, Andy McConville, 48, of Rochester, Kent, Billy Cowcher, 32, of Greenwich, south east London, and Sam Donegan, 25, of Welling, Bexley, in south London, who had been charged with football violence.

Kitto was found guilty of violent disorder. Donegan was cleared of violent disorder but found guilty of an alternative charge of affray.

Kayla’s handler Chris Belsey had been walking her around the Selhurst Park pitch on his forearm when a punch was thrown from the crowd. Prosecutor Daniel Higgins previously told the court: “As he passed the stand he noticed three or four fans were shouting abuse and one of these three or four lent over the barrier and threw a punch directed at Kayla. Mr Belsey is unsure if the punch directed at the eagle had landed.”

Mr Higgins said Kayla “seemed unhurt”, but added “due to her delicate bone structure if she had been hit with force, her bones could easily break”.

Mr Higgins said there “was disorder at the match before, during and after” the game. Before the kick-off police had also spotted a “distinct group” of about five or six fans who had met at a pub in Thornton Heath, south London, before the match, according to Mr Higgins.

The first scuffles broke out as police escorted the Charlton supporters to the ground. Officers stood shoulder to shoulder as the crowd tried to push and break the police cordon to get to the rival fans. One officer suffered a cut lip after being hit by what he thought was a bottle.

After the match, Donegan ran at a police cordon wielding a large yellow cone. He ignored police shouts to stop and was subdued with a baton strike.

During his police interview, he said: “I was just annoyed, obviously. We just got battered. I just picked it up and let my anger out.”

McConville was found not guilty of violent disorder. The jury were directed to acquit Cowcher, Boylett, Kitto and McConville on a count of violent disorder due to insufficient evidence earlier this week. Not guilty verdicts were recorded.

The defendants were released on bail to be sentenced on 28 April.
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A fake NHS worker who gained the trust of vulnerable Sheffield woman and plied them with alcohol and drugs before sexually assaulting them, has been jailed.

Dean Chambers, aged 49, of Green Oak Road, Totley, was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault, one count of perverting the course of justice in relation to two victims which took place in his home.

Jailing Chambers for five years and three months, Judge Sarah Wright said: “You have been convicted by the jury of sexual assaults after you exploited these vulnerable women with alcohol and drugs, although I accept they took these willingly.

“You also tried to pervert the course of justice sending letters from your prison cell which is a very serious offence.”

Chambers, who lingered before being led away to the cells, showed no emotion as the sentence was passed.

The Sheffield Crown Court previously heard Chambers would visit places like soup kitchens and homeless shelters before gaining the women’s trust and inviting back to his Totley home.

Mr Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, previously told the court the complainants were ‘extremely vulnerable adults’ and ‘females who had all sorts of different difficulties or vulnerabilities’.

“He would present himself as a Good Samaritan; he would gain their trust at least in part through wearing an NHS badge and presenting himself as somebody who would help people with problems or vulnerabilities,” Mr Goldsack said.

“He would invite them back to his home, once there they would be provided with the sort of things they thought they wanted – drugs, alcohol, tablets he seemed to have a ready stock of.”

Chambers also wrote letters from his prison cell to a vulnerable woman, who was not a complainant, asking her to record the women ‘admitting they had lied about the allegations’.

The jury, who took over 13 hours to come to their verdicts, cleared Chambers of six further counts of sexual assault against two further complainants.

He already pleaded guilty to one count of supplying class C drugs during the trial.

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A Dartford man who forged election nomination papers four years ago has been handed a seven-month prison sentence.

English Democrat Steve Uncles was found guilty of seven counts of forgery and two counts of falsifying a statement relating to candidates on election nomination.

Prior to the local elections in April 2013, the Shears Close, Dartford resident, submitted English Democrat nomination papers to a number of local councils.

But inspections revealed that some nominated candidates did not exist and Uncles had also made up the addresses where he claimed they lived.

The 52-year-old even used the identities of two elderly people without their explicit knowledge.

In May 2013, Uncles, who was brought up in Bexley, admitted forging a signature as well as completing and handing in a number of forms.

He defended his actions by saying that he believed the candidates did exist even though he had not met them personally.

Following an investigation, Uncles was charged with the offences in February 2014, and was found guilty by a jury on February 24 2017.

Before his conviction, Uncles ran for Kent’s police and crime commissioner in 2016, but finished bottom of the pile, gaining just over 8,000 votes.

Investigating officer det sgt Alec Wood said: “In the 2013 local elections, Uncles submitted a number of nomination papers to council returning officers that contained details that were either materially false, were not signed by those who were standing, or simply didn’t exist at all.

“In two cases the identities of two very elderly persons were used without their explicit knowledge.

“These actions have deceived voters into casting a vote for persons who simply could never have taken office.

“These actions have undermined the electoral process which is the mechanism by which democratic societies determine the direction and control of our communities and society.

“Under the relevant legislation these offences are a ‘corrupt practice’ which means Uncles is barred from standing in an election for the next five years.

“I hope that the sentence issued by the court today serves as a reminder that those who tamper with the election process that they will be held to account in a criminal court.”

Robin Tilbrook, a founding member and chair of the English Democrats, confirmed the party had accepted Uncles’ resignation from the party.

He said: “It seems to me that he’s been convicted for something pretty silly, rather than something where someone commits burglarly and they don’t go to prison.”

Mr Tilbrook added that while the former regional leader “should not have” committed the crimes, “it did not make any difference” to the elections concerned.

A source close to Uncles claims he is appealing the court’s decision.

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