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Daniel Sledden posted an obscene message on social media just 40 minutes after leaving court, which was then followed by a comment from his brother Samuel boasting about their sentence

Two brothers who mocked a judge on Facebook after she showed them mercy have been jailed for two years.

Daniel Sledden, 27, had posted an obscene message on the social media site – just 40 minutes after Judge Beverley Lunt gave him a suspended sentence for selling cannabis to friends earlier this month.

In the message he wrote: “Beverly Lunt go suck my ****.”

His brother and co-defendant Samuel Sledden, 22, who also had admitted drug dealing, also commented on the post.

He said: “Bet we wouldn’t get a chance like this agen [sic], thumbs up’.”

Both brothers were hauled back before the courts for a review of their sentence after the Facebook posts were shown to the judge.

At the hearing, Judge Lunt said she was ‘misled’ by their words of remorse and contrition to the probation service and ‘must now put this right’.

Sentencing, she said: “These were not private entries in a diary which have been inadvertently published.

“They were placed on Facebook with the clear intention that others should and would read them and if they wished to share them so there is a limitless audience.

“Daniel Sledden’s post was only 40 minutes after I sentenced him. Samuel Sledden’s was one hour and 25 minutes and their content is clearly indicative of how they really felt about appearing in court for this particular offence. Their tone is boastful and jeering and the only reasonable inference in my judgement is they believed and were boasting that they had somehow fooled and misled the court.

“These are two grown men and not children showing off using rude words. They both knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote these posts and why they did it and they didn’t care who saw what they had written.”

Judge Lunt said the posts were only deleted from Facebook and apologies posted after being contacted by solicitors.

She added: “Each of the posts indicated they hadn’t changed at all. They haven’t taken on board anything or learned responsibility and there is no remorse at all.

“It is not possible to put any reasonable positive spin on the posts that either defendant as being some clumsy way of how lucky they had been to be given a second chance.

“The tone in each case is one of contempt and gloating, Emoji’s included.

“I’m entirely satisfied that in this case there is evidence brought before me which leads me to the short conclusion I was misled by each defendant on grounds of remorse and contrition and how much they had changed in the intervening months.

“I must now put this right and it is necessary and in the interests of justice I do so and it is necessary in order to maintain public confidence in the courts.”

Daniel, Samuel and their dad William, 45, all of Hopwood Street, Accrington, were all given suspended sentences after pleading guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis at the earlier hearing.

Defence barrister Daniel Prowse said both brothers have now become international figures of ridicule.

He told the court how they had acted in a ‘wholly improper way’ and will ‘never live this down’.

Preston Crown Court heard how Daniel Sledden was contacted by his solicitor after the story about their comments was published by the M.E.N. and was ‘advised and instructed’ to delete the comment and put up an apology.

The post from Daniel Sledden read: “I want to say how sorry I am for what I wrote about Judge Lunt and my sentence.

“I was very lucky not to be sent to prison and I was very stupid to have written what I did. I want to say sorry to Judge Lunt and to anyone else who was upset or offended by my thoughtless post which I did not mean.”

Mr Prowse, representing Samuel but speaking for both defendants, said the timing of brothers’ Facebook comments indicate they were ‘severely emotionally affected’ and did it ‘without any thought as to the consequences or propriety of what they were doing.’

He said: “The comments demonstrate what little thought they were given because, ungrateful as they are, they are also nonsensical in so far as the offending comments are directed against the court which has in essence just given them a favour by not sending them to prison. They don’t even make sense.

“Neither defendants assumed their comments would be seen beyond their group of friends on Facebook and they weren’t intended to be shared or communicated directly with your honour.

“They have had time on remand to reflect on their stupidity and ingratitude.

“Both have offered their apologies through their respective advocates and on a written basis.

“Daniel’s comment, which was the more serious of the two, had been deleted from Facebook and he had put his apology on Facebook in that same very public medium.

“They have become national if not international figures of ridicule because none of those stories have reported what they did in anything other than a wholly negative light and commenting on the rank stupidity and ingratitude.

“Certainly word has gone forward that the kind of idiotic comments posted will result in people going to custody.

“They have been properly punished by virtue of the remand and becoming such figures of humour and ridicule as they are. They will in my submission never live this down.”

Manchester Evening News

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Sam Sled



An Essex woman was cautioned by police for bragging on social media that she had posted dog poo through her Muslim neighbours letterbox the night of the attacks on Paris.

At 8.53pm on November 13, Karen Hastie, from Grays, put messages on Facebook stating she sent the gruesome package to deliver “someone’s karma” after Islamic State terrorists killed 129 people in the French capital.

The 53-year-old wrote: “I just delivered someones karma. Mrs muz rat b*** face from yesterday has just got a jiffy envelope filled with dog **** through the b****** letterbox. I wish I could be fly on the wall. Imagine opening a package filled with ****. Happy days for sure.”

Friends of Ms Hastie commented with their support of her actions and encouraged a second rancid delivery.

The posts were added to other social media sites and Essex Police confirmed the posts had been passed to their hate crime team to investigate.

Essex Police issued her with a caution for malicious communications on November 23.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “A 53-year-old woman received a caution for malicious communications following her arrest on Tuesday, November 19, relating to reports of offensive Facebook posts.”

Ms Hastie is also said to have posted links in support of the English Defence League.

Essex Chronicle



A NEWPORT man has been fined after posting racist comments on Facebook.

Jason Gwyer, aged 32, of Brown Close, was convicted of a racially aggravated public order offence after posting racists comments on Facebook in relation to the annual Ashura march which takes place in Newport.

The march organised by the Islamic Society for Wales was to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain who was killed in Karbala, Iraq, more than 1,300 years ago.

The details of the march were published in the Argus in November, 2014, and Gwyer posted a photo of the article along with racist comments on his Facebook page on November 12, 2014.

Gwyer posted: “Need this to go viral!!!! Muslims think they are going to have a nice little march thru my city on Sunday!!! think not!!! Need as much force as possable. We need to stand up and tell these vile pigs where to go!!! Who is with me??? Please share.”

He was found guilty at Newport Magistrates Court and fined £165. He also had to pay costs of £620.

He was also charged with producing class b drug cannabis and possession of a class b drug which was cannabis. He pleaded guilty to both offences.

He received a 12 month community order, a £100 fine and the drugs were ordered for destruction.

PC Ricky Thomas, investigating officer, after the hearing, said: “Gwent Police will not tolerate any type of hate crime in our communities. We will investigate it and put evidence before the courts for the offender to be dealt with.

“I hope this serves as a warning to people who think that by posting on social media sites that it is anonymous in some way – it isn’t and it’s still an offence. We would encourage anyone who has concerns about anything they see on social media to report it to us on 101.”

South Wales Argus

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A FORMER bakery worker who threatened to ‘kick his boss’s head in’ sent threatening messages over a social networking site after losing his job.

Stuart Alexander Baines, 30, of Briarwood Court in Beverley Road, Malton, began sending abusive messages over Facebook to his boss Andy Mayer after being suspended from his job at Yorkshire Baker, based in Malton, Scarborough magistrate’s court was told.

Neil Holdsworth, on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service, told the court that Baines had begun making threats after he was suspended on March 18 before leaving a threatening message on the work phone warning Mr Mayer “he was coming to get you one by one.”

Mr Holdsworth said: “Stuart was making threats on Facebook including one that said ‘Andy you are going to get your head kicked in.’

“The post was extremely threatening and of cause for concern for Mr Mayer and his colleagues. He felt concerned for his safety.”

Baines, who pleaded guilty on May 13 to sending threatening messages on March 19, was diagnosed with psychosis at the age of 13 and has struggled with drink and drug problems, the court was told.

Representing Baines, Mike Farr said that Baines had not touched any drink or drugs for some time now but at the time of the incident he had not been taking his medication to help with his psychosis.

He said: “When this incident occurred he had split from his partner and for two weeks he had been living alone.

“He had not been taking his medication and I am sure that that played some part in his foolishness. He was feeling at somewhat of a low ebb so he posted the comments on Facebook and I think made one phone call. He realises that it was inappropriate behaviour.”

Farr went on to say that Baines had apologised for his actions and had not been in court for about four years, with a previous conviction for assault.

Baines was fined a total of £145 for sending the threatening messages over the site, broken down as £85 court costs and a £60 surcharge. He was also given a six month community order with a supervision requirement and a four week curfew from 6pm-6am each day.

York Press



A THUG who smashed a man in the face with a ceramic mug has been jailed.

Joseph Guite caused a 5cm “deep laceration” to victim Gary Costello’s face on December 7 last year.

George Matthews, prosecuting, said the attack happened in the street in Breightmet.

Guite then fled towards Bury Road.

Mr Costello had to have 10 stitches following the attack.

Joseph Guite

Joseph Guite

Guite was later identified through a Facebook photograph and was arrested by police, Bolton Crown Court heard. When Guite, aged 24, of Bridgeman Place, Bolton, was arrested he claimed he was acting in self defence.

The court heard Guite had been running after a man named Parker. Mr Costello became involved when Parker asked him to help.

Mr Costello, aged 23, in a victim impact statement, said he is paranoid about the scar he now has on his forehead and has grown his hair to try to hide it.

He believes his scar will hinder him in future job interviews and said he does not go out much now, Bolton Crown Court heard yesterday.

Guite has several previous convictions, including a public order offence for his involvement in an English Defence League Protest.

He committed the crime while he was subjected to a four-month jail term suspended for 12 months.

Carl Hargan, defending, said Guite had difficulty looking at photographs of Mr Costello’s injury and was ashamed as his mother had seen the injury pictures.

He said Guite has cut down “dramatically” on his alcohol intake.

Judge Timothy Stead, sentencing, said: “You struck him a blow to the forehead. You had in your hand, as a weapon, a mug. It doesn’t matter to me whether you had a ceramic mug or a glass or whether the mug was broken when you fell.

“The weapon was used to cause a very serious injury. It’s a wicked looking wound even when repaired.”

Guite admitted wounding and was jailed for 30 months.

His four-month suspended jail term was also activated but will run concurrently to the wounding sentence.

Bolton News

Matthew Tyson

Matthew Tyson, 23, of Grimsby, was sentenced at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court for posting offensive material about Muslims on an English Defence League Facebook site, Tyson wrote, Grimsby Mosques “want burning down” after soldier Lee Rigby was attacked and killed by two men in Woolwich, on May 22.

The Mosque was attacked days later. Tyson was given a 12-week curfew and must stay in his home between 6am and 8pm, apart from weekends where he must stay at his girlfriend’s home while seeing his children.

His 12-week prison sentence was suspended for six months. The court also ordered the destruction of a laptop and his smart phone.

This Is Grimsby

A man who used his Facebook account to post racist messages has been given community service.

Raymond Strachan, 21, used the social networking site to promote his support of fascist group the Scottish Defence League.

On Tuesday, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how Strachan visited various pages on Facebook and left various messages on them in an attempt to stir up racial hatred.

Strachan, from Edinburgh, started posting the messages in July 2011 and continued until he was caught in January this year. Police tracked him down after receiving complaints from other internet users.

The postings, made from his house and other locations in Edinburgh, abused various different racial groups.

Strachan was convicted of breaching the 1986 Public Order Act at a hearing last month.

Sheriff William Holligan him to 200 hours of community service.

Speaking after the case, the procurator fiscal for the East of Scotland, John Logue, welcomed the sentence.

Mr Logue said: “Police and prosecutors across the country take such offences extremely seriously. I hope this case sends a warning to those who think that offences committed on the internet are in some way immune from the reach of the law.

“Prejudice and hatred has no place in Scotland and we will continue to do all in our powers to eradicate it.”