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Court hears Peter Scotter yelled ‘you’re in our country now’ at victim, who was in shopping centre with nine-year-old son

 Peter Scotter gesturing to the media outside Newcastle crown court. Photograph: Nigel Roddis/PA

Peter Scotter gesturing to the media outside Newcastle crown court. Photograph: Nigel Roddis/PA

A man has admitted pulling a niqab off a woman in a shopping centre and yelling racist abuse at her.

Peter Scotter, 55, of Roker, Sunderland, appeared at Newcastle crown court to admit racially aggravated assault by beating and a separate charge of racially aggravated harassment.

Both offences were based on Scotter’s hostility towards a particular religious group, namely Islam, the court heard.

Tony Hawks, defending, said Scotter had been diagnosed with a serious cancerous tumour under his tongue last week and was due to have an operation next Monday. “I have seen some documentation showing that the diagnosis is pretty bad,” the barrister said.

The judge, Stephen Earl, said he would sentence Scotter later, once he had heard more details about the diagnosis. The judge said: “This is a custodial-band sentence, given his record and the nature of his actions.”

A previous hearing at Sunderland magistrates court heard how Scotter left his victim terrified when he attacked her in July.

Laura Lax, prosecuting, told the hearing the woman was waiting with her nine-year-old son for her husband outside a store in Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland when a man “purposefully” walked towards her and grabbed her niqab.

The force he used almost threw her to the ground and the niqab came away from her face, exposing her and causing pain to her neck.

She remembered being scared but was so shocked she could not remember what was said, magistrates were told. The niqab was damaged, but she has since repaired it.

Lax told the court the victim said afterwards: “This incident has left me scared to go out and I don’t want to go into town again. I am disgusted my nine-year-old son had to witness this.”

Another witness heard Scotter shout: “Here, take that fucking off, you are in our country now, you stupid fucking Muslim.”

When a police officer arrived, Scotter was being spoken to by a security guard and the defendant tried to walk away.

Scotter was heard to say: “Our Britain, you live by our fucking rules,” before coming out with more racist abuse.

He continued to make derogatory comments when he was interviewed after his arrest, Lax said.

When he attended previous hearings about the niqab offence, Scotter made a middle finger gesture to photographers outside court.

He has 66 previous convictions for 157 offences, including actual bodily harm, breaching a football banning order and racially aggravated criminal damage.

Scotter had been due to stand trial for the niqab offences next month.

The judge told Scotter he would be sentenced in three weeks’ time and granted him conditional bail.

As Scotter left court, he declined to answer why he was covering his face with a scarf and gestured defiantly to waiting photographers.

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A thug whose girlfriend forgave him after he stabbed her repeatedly with a 12in sword has failed to persuade top judges to cut his sentence.

Paul Hutchinson, of Hereford Road, Hillview, Sunderland, left the woman with a fractured rib and 14 stab wounds in total to her chest, legs, arms and neck from the attack.
The 48-year-old was jailed for nine years at Newcastle Crown Court after being found guilty of wounding with intent in May.

His victim gave evidence in his trial and asked the judge not to lock him up.

She also wrote to the Court of Appeal, supporting his bid to have his sentence reduced.

Judge Jeremy Carey QC told the court she wrote she “doesn’t consider herself a victim” – and even suggested she was partly to blame for the incident.

But the judge said that, despite what his partner now says, at the time of the incident she was in fear and “vulnerable” – having been subjected to an hour-long ordeal.

He said judges are familiar with cases of domestic violence involving victims who wish to “forgive and start again”.

The court heard police arrived at the woman’s home during the early hours of November 30 last year and found her screaming, covered in blood and holding a tea-towel to her neck.

She told an officer in the back of an ambulance Hutchinson had attacked after drinking heavily.

She described being dragged by her hair, punched and kicked and then stabbed again and again.

Hutchinson had two earlier convictions for violence towards previous partners.

He was aggressive when arrested and told a female police officer he would “get her raped” if she didn’t let him out of the van.

The crown court heard he was hardworking and a supportive family man, who should have received a shorter jail term.

Dismissing his appeal, Judge Carey said the sentence was “not excessive” for the “sustained assault”.

Sitting with Lord Justice Treacy and Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, he added: “In our view, the judge was right not to regard the views of the victim as anything more than part of a narrative in this case.

“Trial counsel was able to say she did not come across as vulnerable at trial – indeed, quite the opposite.

“But the fact of the matter is that, whatever her demeanour at trial, on the night in question she was, in this court’s view, undoubtedly highly vulnerable.”

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Peter Scotter. Credit: PA

Peter Scotter. Credit: PA

A man who became abusive to Sunderland paramedics who were trying to help him spat into a police officer’s eye in facing a jail sentence.

Peter Scotter, 55, carried out the act at Sunderland Royal Hospital – where he had been taken for treatment after being arrested, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Lesley Burgess said the incident started when police were called by the ambulance service at 6.20pm, on October 26, to Hendon Road, where Scotter was behaving aggressively.

As officers boarded the ambulance, they saw him sitting in a chair with a minor head injury.

Ms Burgess said there was a strong small of alcohol on Scotter and he seemed extremely drunk.

She said he then launched in to a torrent of abuse and – despite repeatedly being told to calm down – he continued his tirade and was arrested and taken to Southwick police station.

Ms Burgess said: “Due to the head injury he was then transported to Sunderland Royal Hospital.

“He was taken to a treatment room and appeared to calm down.

“He requested removal of the handcuffs but, after the nurses had left the room, he lunged forward and spat a mouthful of spit into the officer’s face.

“Some of this gone into the officer’s left eye.”

Scotter, of Beach Street, Sunderland, pleaded guilty being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer.

Anna Haq, defending, said: “This incident in the hospital with the police officer. Mr Scotter is fully aware that, no doubt, you will be looking towards a custodial sentence in relation to this incident.

“Mr Scotter is ashamed of his behaviour and has no recollection of it.”

She added: “He’d had seven pints of alcohol but that would not put him into this state.

“He does not understand how he received his head injury.”

The case was adjourned for reports to be prepared and Scotter was told by the bench that they did not rule out custody.

He will be sentenced at South Tyneside Magistrates’ court on December 6.

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A Metro racist claimed a fellow passenger was a “terrorist” and “member of ISIS” during a shocking rant on a moving train.

Tony Browning shouted that the 25-year-old asylum seeker, from Sudan, should “get off the train” travelling from Monument in Newcastle, branded him a “bomber” and threatened to hit him.

The 33-year-old fairground worker, who pressed the carriage’s emergency stop button at Gateshead Stadium, claimed his victim was a “smack head” who was carrying a needle or knife.

Newcastle Crown Court heard his claims led to the man, who spoke very little English, being questioned and handcuffed by police who searched for a weapon he did not have.

Browning, of Townsend Road, Sunderland, who has 113 previous convictions, admitted racially aggravated harrassment.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court the victim was unclear about what Browning was shouting when he approached him on the train in March but knew he was swearing.

Mr Pallister said Browning “walked up and down the train, shouting” while other shocked passengers looked on.

One witness said Browning also shouted abuse at black passengers before he pressed the emergency brake.

Mr Pallister added: “He was repeating he was a terrorist. He didn’t want the train to move until the complainant had moved.

“He suggested the complainant was a member of ISIS.

“He told witnesses he had seen the complainant with a weapon or needle, something shiny or sharp and mentioned a knife.”

The court heard when police, who had been contacted by Metro staff, questioned the asylum seeker, who spoke virtually no English, he replied “yes” to every question, including if he had a knife.

Mr Pallister said: “He was replying ‘yes’ to all questions.

“Having said yes, police handcuffed him and searched him. No knife was found.

“The carriage was searched and no knife was found. Clearly, he did not have any sort of weapon.”

The court heard the victim now feels frightened to use public transport and worries about a similar situation happening again.

Judge Amanda Rippon told Browning: “You abused a young man on a Metro train in this city, who was doing no more than minding his own business, travelling as he was entitled to.

“You abused him not just generally, but racially, making reference to the colour of his skin, calling him a terrorist, accusing him of having a weapon and frightening him.

“This debacle was seen by other members of the public and it no doubt distressed them as well.

“You were calling him a smack head, a terrorist and telling him to get off the train, telling him you were going to hit him.

“The poor complainant ended up being handcuffed for a short time while police searched for a weapon you said he had, which he never did.”

The judge sentenced Browning to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision and programme requirements plus a £25 fine for breach of a previous suspended sentence.

Vic Laffey, defending, said Browning has since stopped drinking and found work at a fairground.

Mr Laffey said despite Browning’s long list of previous convictions, he has never acted in a racist way in the past.

Mr Laffey added: “He is at a loss to explain why he acted in such a reckless way on this particular day.

“It has not been a feature of his life before.”
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A rioter who ‘hijacked’ a flag of St George and used it to beat a left-wing protester until it snapped has been jailed.

Tony Baker then threw bricks at rivals before giving Nazi-style salutes during an incident in Dover, Kent, in January.

Tony Baker, 30, of D'arcy Square, Murton

Tony Baker, 30, of D’arcy Square, Murton

But when he was ordered to appear at Canterbury Crown Court for his trial, he failed to show up because his wife, Natalie had just given birth to their third child.

Judge James O’Mahony told him: “It’s everyone’s right to protest peacefully but wouldn’t it have been better if you had stayed at home with your wife and baby than risk what eventually happened?”

His barrister, Matthew Hardyman, said the 30-year-old builder had realised other rioters were being jailed “and decided to earn as much money as he could” before being sent to prison.

But going AWOL cost Baker an extra month inside – after the judge jailed him for a total of 30 months.

He had pleaded guilty to violent disorder after travelling from his home in D’arcy Square, Murton, to join the protest.

Prosecutor Robert Ward told how Baker was caught on CCTV holding an English flag in front of the Priory Hotel.

He was later seen wearing a mask and running towards left-wing protesters, hurling bricks and other objects and using the broken flag pole to strike an opponent “at least six times” until it snapped.

After his arrest he was ordered to appear at a hearing in September – but failed to show up.

Mr Hardyman said Baker and his wife were “childhood sweethearts” who had been together since he was 13.

“The reason he didn’t turn up for his trial was because Natalie had given birth to their third child. A lot of his colleagues, who had also attended the demonstration, had received custodial sentences.

“Frankly, he wanted to get as much money as possible in the bank so his wife, who is caring for their three children, a nine-year-old, a four-year-old and a new-born, would be in the best position to survive as long as possible without him.”

Last week, Baker turned up at a Durham police station and gave himself up after an arrest warrant had been issued.

“He maintains he was hit first by bricks being thrown by left wing protesters and he knows now he should have walked away. He knows that now and knows he has made a terrible mistake, “ added Mr Hardyman.

The judge told him that the riot was “not about politics but about maintaining the peace and law and order as against wholesale violent behaviour”.

“Everyone has a right to be patriotic and demonstrate peacefully but you took a lead role in what was unacceptable, something which was unpleasant for the people of Dover and not much fun for the police,” he added.

“There is nothing wrong with holding a flag, but you hijacked it in the course of violence and genuinely patriotic people would be offended by you using the flag like that.”

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A serial burglar was caught with 13 wraps of amphetamine strapped to his private parts when police arrested him for an attempted house raid.

Mark Wright confessed “it’s wizz, for my personal use”, when the packages, attached to his penis and testicles, were found.

It is believed he had used cellotape to hold the drugs in place and confessed he had been trying to hide them from his wife.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 43-year-old, who has served prison sentences for burglaries in the past, was arrested by police who caught him trying to break into a house at Close Street in Sunderland on August 25.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court: “While in custody the defendant was subjected to a full body search and 13 wraps of white powder were found strapped to his penis and testicles.

“On them being discovered, he said ‘it is wizz, for personal use’.”

Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, admitted attempted burglary and possession of amphetamine.

Alec Burns, defending, said, despite Wright’s bad criminal record, he had found work since his last jail term and was staying away from trouble.

Mr Burns said: “He was taking amphetamine to allow him to work longer hours.

“He had to buy the drugs and got into debt.

“He was hiding the fact he was using drugs again from his wife, who would have stopped him had she known. ”

Mr Burns said the attempted break-in was a blip, not a sign Wright, who still has a job open to him, was going back to his “old ways”.

Mr Recorder Christopher Williams sentenced Wright, who has spent a month in custody on remand, to 15 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with
rehabilitation requirements.

The judge said he accepted Wright had “done well” since his release from prison and told him: “I accept you are disappointed in yourself.

“It is in your hands now.”
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